Image by Clare Britt

Selina Trepp: Do you have cents for nonsense?
I have cents for sensitive.

October 10 – November 19, 2016
Opening Reception: October 13, 11-1pm
Artist Reception: Saturday October 15, 1pm-3pm

This solo exhibition will showcase a range of new multimedia work including photographs, drawings and stop motion animation. For the past four years the Chicago-based Swiss artist Selina Trepp has created her work using only the material already on hand in her Garfield Park studio.  Painting and re-painting the same canvases and building and destroying objects using the same materials, Trepp creates elaborate installations that she photographs before once again recycling her materials.  The resulting images are innovative portraits that highlight issues surrounding material waste and the productivity of scarcity. The commitment to this approach is both political, referencing a long-held stance on ecology and overconsumption, and philosophical, a consideration of the economy of gesture and the power of creativity itself. 

Selina Trepp recently presented her animations at the MCA Chicago’s Prince tribute event and the DePaul Art Museum. Trepp is also currently screening an animation that was commissioned by Bildwurf Productions in movie theaters across Switzerland. The Cleve Carney Gallery show will be a major exhibition of all new work by Trepp.

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Additional Programming: 
Wednesday October 26, 11am:  Artist Talk with Selina Trepp
Saturday November 19, 7pm: Spectralina Performance

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