Poster by CCMA Gallery Assistant, Heidi Holmes

Poster by CCMA Gallery Assistant, Heidi Holmes

Art that moves us, moved by us;

Movements, Wearable Art and Installations

Studio Art 1105, Instructor: Ann Blaas

In honor of visiting artist Nick Cave, students in Studio Art 1105 are planning two events: A parade and a wearable art performance with an installation to follow in Wings Gallery. The theme brings together the student’s research into the Renaissance period and art movements; Cubism, Pop Art and Surrealism. The parade departs from the Art Room 157 at 2:30pm Monday September 23rd and culminates at Wings Gallery.

Participating Artists: Araceli Andrade, Olivia Balaun, Alyssa Cooling, Rainy Crowley, Cheyene Dodge, Krishna Iyer, Jose Lagunas, Emmy Mertes, Emma Lewandowski Petzke, Gina Panek, Lex Parades, Sylvia Phillips, Miracle Stallworth, Amari Wood. Instructor: Ann Blaas