Cleve Carney Print Portfolio

The Cleve Carney Print Portfolio is limited edition portfolio created to honor the legacy of the late Cleve Carney. The portfolios each contain prints by Chicago artists Phyllis Bramson, Michelle Grabner, Judy Ledgerwood, Tony Tasset, and Richard Rezac.

All money raised through the sale of the portfolio will go the College of DuPage's Cleve Carney Art Gallery Fund and will be used to continue the presentation and support of contemporary art and  at the Cleve Carney Art Gallery.

030518_Cleve Carney_043.jpg

Phyllis Bramson

030518_Cleve Carney_045.jpg

Michelle Grabner

030518_Cleve Carney_041.jpg

Judy Ledgerwood

030518_Cleve Carney_042.jpg

Tony Tasset

030518_Cleve Carney_044.jpg

Richard Rezac