Three One-on-Ones

Three One-on-Ones
April 20 - June 11, 2017

Artists include:
Mel Bochner
Jessica Campbell
Matt Morris
Andy Warhol
William Wegman
Kaylee Rae Wyant

Curated by:
Magalie Guérin

Curating, as an artist, is a process much more intuitive than historical or conceptual. It can be purely about formal connections. Or misconnections even. In this case, three Chicago-based artists working in different medium are matched, one-on-one, with three well-established artists from the DuPage art collection. We are left to wonder about the nature of their conversations—will Matt & Andy discuss gender issues? How about Kaylee & William? They will surely have the most fun together! As for Jessica & Mel, let's picture long gaps of silence interrupted by bursts of intense and passionate storytelling. 

-Magalie Guérin, 2017