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Artwork Installation in Prairie

  • Russell R. Kirt Prairie, Parking Lot College 4a 425 Fawell Boulevard Glen Ellyn, IL, 60137 United States (map)

On Thursday September 21, visiting artist Jenny Kendler will enlist the assistance of the student body to install a permanent artwork within the prairie itself, where she'll be creating a literal underground library by burying outdated books on climate change. These books—turned to biochar during a "book burning" on the college campus—will become functional once again, sequestering carbon and enriching the soil of the prairie fordecades for millennia to come. Students will assist Kendler in siting and burying the books, then scattering seeds on top, to regenerate the prairie. The project asks us to consider the reality of climate change at the scale of deep time, and enlists us as agents of positive change.